I was in chemistry class and I started doodling Aquaman

I have a tummy ache.

(Source: auddits.deviantart.com)

I didn’t use this one because it was too irrelevant to my nuzlocke 

It’s an old doodle from like last year or early this year so sucks

but it’s nice to look at other than my sketchbook where it looks kinda awkward and smudgy

(Source: auddits.deviantart.com)

Teh Hell - 42 Minutes

Pokemon related doodles today.

Flower Picking - 29 minutes

Get out of here, Richie - 16 Minutes

Come here - 17 Minutes

Catbug and Sunkern - 11 Minutes

Chimchar discovers Toe Shoes - 19 Minutes

I’m curious. What tablet do you use? You finish doodles so fast! And you color in all the lines so easily! ._.
Oh, my tablet is a terribly old tablet I had since the 7th grade. It’s a 4x5 Graphire Wacom tablet I named Jason Grayson.
It looks like this. (I lost the casing, the mouse looks like a koala—not that that’s really relevant—and broke two pens though).

I wish I drew things faster. ;-;

About the coloring in lines thing… That’s the magic of the magic wand tool.
It’s also in photoshop, but I use paint tool sai because my lines look more like lines and less like scribbles.
It’s the whole “select the area then paint inside” kinda deal. I kinda do this along with layer locking and all that jazz with Photoshop and/or Sai. (If I don’t, I honestly color really messy and gross ;A; )

Pokemon Doodles.

Jazz and Gary Arguing - 31 Minutes

Clair - 36 Minutes

Groudon & Kyogre Gijinka - 45 Minutes

The Chase - 26 Minutes

Sableslade - 16 Minutes

Butterfree and Beautifly - 26 Minutes

So, I’m currently rewatching Power Rangers Time Force.

I honestly hated Trip when I was little because I couldn’t understand why his hair was green or why he had a sparkly gem on his forehead.

Now that I know he’s not even supposed to be human, he became my favorite ranger in time force because he’s so gullible and small and makes me want to just put him in my pocket. xD

35 Minutes

Late Night Chats - 25 Minutes